The Evolution of The New Grocery

Unichannel Creates an Opportunity for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) to Create Direct Customer Experiences
Enabling Long-Term Brand Protection and New Customer Channels.
Evolution of New Grocery
Grocers & Food Service
  • SKU proliferation & large footprint
  • Pallet-based replenishment
  • Brand marketing
Food Marketplaces
  • The Endless Aisle
  • Cart-building for delivery & pick-up
  • Same/next-day expected
The Consumer
  • CPG and consumer engaged
  • All channels leveraged collectively
  • Delivery ecosystem enabled

Food & Beverage Landscape

Customer experience and path to purchase is being redefined in the age of New Grocery.
New store shopping experiences combined with home delivery and in-store pick-up
Rapid cart building and same-day delivery along with click and collect now the norm
The Endless Aisle curtailed to individual taste and nationwide availability
Lowest price regardless of where and when I want it

The New Grocery

Unintended Consequences for Food CPGs
  • Brand Dilution: Your brand and preference become secondary to marketplaces
  • Channel Conflict: CPGs exploring avenues to trade with their customer’s customers
  • Substitution: Private label explosion will exploit major food brands
  • Customer Analytics: Increasingly critical consumer data masked by third parties
How to respond?
  • Create your own meaningful customer engagement and marketplace traffic
  • Enable direct consumer touches and data through eCommerce initiatives
  • Explore new “touches” through direct fulfilment, drop-ship, sampling, gifting
Create a seamless, agile ecosystem for Direct-to-Consumer fulfilment with:
  • Rapid fulfilment with nationwide reach direct-to-home
  • Kitting, cross-brand sortation, and promotion material
  • Eaches based and sorted replenishment for existing retailers
  • Flexibility to easily scale to respond to unknown demand

MonarchFx Food Ecosystem

Enabling agile delivery networks for all players in the food chain
Food Producers
National reach with in-region fulfilment
  • Endless kitting and sortation options
  • Customer-directed packaging and promotion
  • Ease of entry with variable costing
Shifting from B2B to hybrid B2B/B2C
  • Exploring all channels for creating direct consumer relationships
  • Direct marketplace, dropship, sampling campaign
  • Need for a delivery ecosystem with limitless sortation
Traditional Grocers
Leveraging online & offline together
  • Seamless technology integration
  • Robotic unit and parcel sortation
  • Flow based inventory optimization
National reach with in-region fulfilment
  • Meal kit providers
  • “Taste specific” marketplaces
  • Specialty products