September 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from September.

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August 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of our highlights from August.

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Evolving Inventory Management Practices

We all remember as a kid the first time we put two cups on the end of a string and learned that the sound could travel along the string to a friend a hundred feet away.  If you are like me, this simple example of a mechanical acoustic device sparked an inquisitiveness to understand how things work. 

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Case Study - BoutiqueToys Inc.: Putting Success Into Play

After working with KidBlox* for more than three decades, Robert Setter* identified a market segment that had been underserved by the iconic toy manufacturer. Recognizing the major business potential, Setter approached KidBlox with a proposal to spin off a new business designed specifically to cater to the overlooked group of small local and boutique shops.

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The Growing Importance of Commerce Today: Why Supply Chain Leaders Should Engage

There are several factors that exist today that collectively drive companies to think more about Commerce than ever before.  We at Tompkins International have recently reorganized into seven Business Units and have adopted an ecosystem model for the overall enterprise.  The model defines our business into four core competencies Strategy, Commerce, Logistics, and Technology.  The inclusion of Commerce is unusual; yet, this reflects the services and products companies need today, along with the other processes, in order to achieve profitable growth. 

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MonarchFx Partners with Avectous to Deliver Enhanced WMS Capabilities

Raleigh, N.C. – MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, announces a strategic alliance with Avectous, which offers a full suite of Supply Chain Fulfillment software, including WMS, DOM-WMS and Carrier Connectivity. MonarchFx will be leveraging Avectous’ full suite of applications across its entire fulfillment network. 

A Fireside Chat with Two Industry Thought Leaders

Day #2 of the Final Mile Forum began with a jolt – a look to our industry’s future in a Fireside Chat with Dr. James A. Tompkins and Vijaya Rao. This thought-provoking discussion was moderated by Mark Cossack, President of Priority Courier Experts and a CLDA Board Member.

"I’ve spoken at a number of this association’s conferences and, as I remember it, quite a few years ago I forecasted Amazon would have the capability for one-day delivery by 2020. Well, it turns out that they out-did my prediction and it’s happening now. The big lesson here is that one-day is not about transportation. It’s about inventory deployment. The most important element is inventory, then logistics. It’s a balance between getting the inventory close to the customer without building up huge stock in a warehouse. The one-day thing is a big deal. Those of you in this room who know how to manage inventory are in a great position to capture the market lift from one-day delivery. For those of you who aren’t, I strongly suggest you start now to be ready for a year from now when this wave really hits the shore." 

- Jim Tompkins

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A Fulfillment Network With A Good Return On Investment

More and more often, supply chain executives are being asked to do what was at one time, deemed impossible.  Today we are being asked to proactively build a cost conscience fulfillment and distribution network that is agile and adaptable such that it could be completely reactive in today’s environment that is filled with disruption, quickly evolving and filled with uncertainty.

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