July 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from July.

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June 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from June.

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The Growing Importance of Commerce Today: Why Supply Chain Leaders Should Engage

There are several factors that exist today that collectively drive companies to think more about Commerce than ever before.  We at Tompkins International have recently reorganized into seven Business Units and have adopted an ecosystem model for the overall enterprise.  The model defines our business into four core competencies Strategy, Commerce, Logistics, and Technology.  The inclusion of Commerce is unusual; yet, this reflects the services and products companies need today, along with the other processes, in order to achieve profitable growth. 

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How to Create a Successful Supply Chain

Now is the time to fully leverage your assets.  As you look ahead make sure your strategy is grounded on principles beyond competing in today’s marketplace.  You will want a strategy that will put you in a leadership position.

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Industry Executives Met at the Supply Chain Leadership Forum to Discuss Common Challenges and Solutions

A dozen supply chain executives met over breakfast at this year’s Supply Chain Leadership Forum (SCLF) to share their views, experiences and current challenges. When asked, “What’s going on in your operations?” by Denny McKnight, moderator of the discussion and President of Tompkins International, a common theme quickly emerged from the group, which was, “how are you attracting and retaining top talent amidst the current labor shortage?”

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Initial Results with MonarchFx

Initial Results with MonarchFx

Learn how MonarchFx can impact your overall delivery cycle, sales performance, and customer expectations. MonarchFx leverages the power of distributed logistics, a fully integrated and optimized network of two or more fulfillment centers operated in unison to maximize sales and customer delivery service levels, while at the same time minimizing transportation costs and inventory proliferation. This provides a strategic advantage to exceed customer expectations in the order to delivery cycle and drive additional sales.

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Flexible Automation, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles in Warehousing

Robotics, flexible automation, autonomous vehicles and the like are no longer just something “everyone else” must be doing. Offerings and awareness have continued to increase, especially as the perceived shortage of qualified and affordable labor continues.

As a result, we’re still not close to “lights out” manufacturing with completely automated processes.

Mike Futch, president of MHI member Tompkins Robotics, said any thought related to where we actually are “depends on who you ask.”

“The fact of the matter is, it’s progressing very rapidly,” Futch said. “The increased capabilities of robotic automation and the lowering of costs have created a new tool that we can use in the evolution of supply chain distribution, warehousing and order fulfillment.”

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Anti-Brittle: Succeeding and Flourishing in these Uncertain and Volatile Times

We are excited to share with you the latest video from Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, supply chain and new retail strategy expert. Anti-Brittle: Succeeding and Flourishing in these Uncertain and Volatile Times focuses on the level of uncertainty and volatility organizations are facing today as a result of the digital era, disruption cycle, commerce, new retail, and technology innovations such as data science and robotics, to name a few. Tompkins’ continues to shape and grow the supply chain industry through innovative ideas, insight and reinvention.

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One-Day Delivery

During a recent executive Q&A session, Jim Tompkins was asked a lot of questions regarding delivery strategies.  Many were interested in the reality of one-day delivery.  Amazon is disrupting themselves with one-day delivery.  One-day delivery is important in some cases but not all.  Amazon already has one-day delivery in most major markets. Tompkins does not believe 3rd tier markets will receive one-day delivery for some time, nor will they expect it.  Rather, the next stop on time of delivery will be same-day delivery where density will allow, such as major markets. 

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The ‘Power of Two’ for Flexible Online Fulfillment in Canada

In Canada customer demands for more rapid and cost-effective eCommerce delivery are increasing daily.  Every week I speak with online sellers who, since the dawn of eCommerce, have successfully serviced Canada from one fulfillment operation.  Most have fixed national fulfillment operations positioned in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver and are currently rethinking this.  However, the days are now numbered for one eCommerce fulfillment operation being a viable customer delivery experience solution for Canada.

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