July 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from July.

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June 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from June.

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Evolving Inventory Management Practices

We all remember as a kid the first time we put two cups on the end of a string and learned that the sound could travel along the string to a friend a hundred feet away.  If you are like me, this simple example of a mechanical acoustic device sparked an inquisitiveness to understand how things work. 

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Case Study - BoutiqueToys Inc.: Putting Success Into Play

After working with KidBlox* for more than three decades, Robert Setter* identified a market segment that had been underserved by the iconic toy manufacturer. Recognizing the major business potential, Setter approached KidBlox with a proposal to spin off a new business designed specifically to cater to the overlooked group of small local and boutique shops.

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The Growing Importance of Commerce Today: Why Supply Chain Leaders Should Engage

There are several factors that exist today that collectively drive companies to think more about Commerce than ever before.  We at Tompkins International have recently reorganized into seven Business Units and have adopted an ecosystem model for the overall enterprise.  The model defines our business into four core competencies Strategy, Commerce, Logistics, and Technology.  The inclusion of Commerce is unusual; yet, this reflects the services and products companies need today, along with the other processes, in order to achieve profitable growth. 

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Initial Results with MonarchFx

Initial Results with MonarchFx

Learn how MonarchFx can impact your overall delivery cycle, sales performance, and customer expectations. MonarchFx leverages the power of distributed logistics, a fully integrated and optimized network of two or more fulfillment centers operated in unison to maximize sales and customer delivery service levels, while at the same time minimizing transportation costs and inventory proliferation. This provides a strategic advantage to exceed customer expectations in the order to delivery cycle and drive additional sales.

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Flexible Automation, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles in Warehousing

Robotics, flexible automation, autonomous vehicles and the like are no longer just something “everyone else” must be doing. Offerings and awareness have continued to increase, especially as the perceived shortage of qualified and affordable labor continues.

As a result, we’re still not close to “lights out” manufacturing with completely automated processes.

Mike Futch, president of MHI member Tompkins Robotics, said any thought related to where we actually are “depends on who you ask.”

“The fact of the matter is, it’s progressing very rapidly,” Futch said. “The increased capabilities of robotic automation and the lowering of costs have created a new tool that we can use in the evolution of supply chain distribution, warehousing and order fulfillment.”

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Customer Demands and eCommerce Solutions

With customer demands and eCommerce sales continuing to grow at lightning speed day after day, the supply chain is taking on a different—and highly important—role in shaping the customer experience. A late delivery or laborious return process can cause enough dissatisfaction to drive a customer to the competition. In addition to fast shipping and low prices, retail giants like Amazon and Walmart place a heavy emphasis on the customer experience, a China-born concept that is now going global. Widely known as ‘New Retail,’ Alibaba defines its holistic approach as “the complete integration of online, offline, logistics, and technology for a single value chain.” According to Frost & Sullivan, by 2020, customer experience will exceed price and product as the key brand differentiator, further fueling the urgency for supply chain leaders to adapt to this burgeoning trend.

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Is Retail Really Dead?

There’s a popular narrative the media likes to spin that we are in the midst of a retail apocalypse. It’s a narrative that’s easy to believe. Retailers continue to close shops and even file for bankruptcy at alarming rates. Behemoth brands that were household names mere decades ago now cease to exist. It certainly looks like Amazon and the eCommerce revolution have done more than draw blood; it appears as though they have struck a fatal blow.

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The Evolution of eCommerce

The supply chain industry is going through its net threshold of evolution where appetite and market demands are driving the selection of approaches that will set the tone for tomorrow’s expectations.

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