April 2019

MonarchFx has recently launched a new value-added technology tool, Distributed Inventory Flow Forecasting (DIFF). Some features include an initial allocation of inventories (at SKU levels), ongoing demand forecasting models that are based on state-of-the-art algorithms with user inputs on promos, flash sales, new products, sales lifts, replenishment advisory schedules for sellers when SKUs reach thresholds and need to be replenished, and more. DIFF optimizes sellers’ inventories based on flow, not traditional inventory storage practices, and uses artificial intelligence for continuous improvement.

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March 2019

It has been a very busy week for everyone trying to keep up with the latest news from Amazon. From the closure of their recently opened pop-up stores to the deluge of changes to their Vendor Central program and subsequent lifting of their restrictive seller pricing policies, the eCommerce giant has been quite unpredictable lately.

The good news is that for companies needing Direct-to-Consumer logistics support, MonarchFx is predictable. No surprises. MonarchFx is a smarter logistics solution comprised of best-in-class supply chain companies focused on delivering cost-effective, high service level fulfillment solutions to brands and retailers.

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Industry Executives Met at the Supply Chain Leadership Forum to Discuss Common Challenges and Solutions

A dozen supply chain executives met over breakfast at this year’s Supply Chain Leadership Forum (SCLF) to share their views, experiences and current challenges. When asked, “What’s going on in your operations?” by Denny McKnight, moderator of the discussion and President of Tompkins International, a common theme quickly emerged from the group, which was, “how are you attracting and retaining top talent amidst the current labor shortage?”

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The Challenges and Solutions for Sales Forecasting in eCommerce

It is commonly known that forecasting sales is complex and that retailers, wholesalers, and brands have struggled with achieving accuracy since the beginning.  Consumer buying behavior is non-scientific.  Despite algorithmic and statistical advances in recent years, as well as progress in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), high degrees of accuracy are not always achieved. 

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Initial Results with MonarchFx

Initial Results with MonarchFx

Learn how MonarchFx can impact your overall delivery cycle, sales performance, and customer expectations. MonarchFx leverages the power of distributed logistics, a fully integrated and optimized network of two or more fulfillment centers operated in unison to maximize sales and customer delivery service levels, while at the same time minimizing transportation costs and inventory proliferation. This provides a strategic advantage to exceed customer expectations in the order to delivery cycle and drive additional sales.

MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

It is the age of rapid delivery, and it does not stop at retail. The rise of eCommerce is affecting all industries, including the business of healthcare. Dr. Benjamin Patipa, Vice President of Healthcare strategy at MonarchFx, will briefly touch on three important healthcare industry points. First, he will explain why the healthcare product supply business as we have known it has changed forever. Second, why sellers must switch to a single unified supply chain in "The New Healthcare" given the industry’s growth and increasing consumer demand for convenience and value. Finally, Patipa will touch on MonarchFx’s value proposition, why MonarchFx Healthcare - is the smarter healthcare logistics solution.

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MonarchFx: Providing Smartest Logistics Solutions To The Healthcare Industry

Over the past few years, e-commerce has made remarkable progress and is boosting the sales of all industries. Healthcare is one such industry that is highly influenced by the evolution of e-commerce. The statistics taken from Goldman Sachs shows that the healthcare industry is about to spend approximately $32 billion on e-commerce and web services annually. That is five times more than the $6 billion online retailers currently spend annually on all forms of e-commerce and services. E-commerce is transforming everything and in order to match up with the growing, e-commerce industry, sellers of healthcare products require a new ecosystem, which they can rely on. In response to this, MonarchFx, a Tompkins International company, offers a nationwide healthcare ecosystem. It integrates offline, online, logistics & data across a single unified supply chain for sellers of healthcare products and delivers high-tech solutions to the ever-changing healthcare sector.

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Tompkins International Announces 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum

Raleigh, NC - Tompkins International announces the 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum will be held in Pinehurst, North Carolina from May 4-6, 2020 at The Carolina Hotel. The purpose of the Supply Chain Leadership Forum is to bring supply chain executives together from a wide range of industries to connect, share, and learn.  The topics of discussion relate to supply chain, business strategies, and operations.  Supply chain executives from all major industries are in attendance, including retail, consumer products, 3PL, pharmaceutical, and select service providers.

Tompkins International Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum Keynote Speech

Raleigh, NC -  Dr. James A. Tompkins is addressing how organizations can succeed and flourish in these uncertain times at the 15th Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum.  Two hundred supply chain experts have taken their seats to listen to Dr. Tompkins begin his keynote speech.  Dr. Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International and CEO of MonarchFx, is explaining the disruption cycle, the level of organizational chaos, and how the volatility of global economies is forcing organizations to deal with an unprecedented level of uncertainty.

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Supply Chain Industry Executives Reveal Top Labor Challenges and Solutions

A group of supply chain executives met over breakfast at this year’s Supply Chain Leadership Forum to share their views, experiences and current challenges. As it turns out, one topic was viewed so serious that it dominated the discussion. The question was, “How are you attracting and retaining top talent amidst the current labor shortage?”

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The Future Of Health Product Fulfillment Probably Will Not Look Like Anything We Have Seen Before

Maybe it is a by-product of my chosen career, I have always been particularly intrigued with what the future holds for consumer experiences, particularly as it relates to health products.  In the post-scarcity, retail-space-at-a-premium economy that we seem to be hurtling towards, it is increasingly unlikely that buying decisions will be made amid cavernous, row-upon-row depots, jam-packed with products one on top of each other.  No one debates this.  Rather, the debate is what will come next.

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Grocery CPG’s adopting to the new world of Grocery

Grocery has been a laggard for Direct to Consumer (D2C) but that is rapidly changing and is now considered among the fastest growth category for digital adoption.  Indeed, food and beverage forecasts for online sales are expected to increase 700 percent in seven years resulting in 20 percent of the $800B U.S. grocery market. 

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