February 2019

MonarchFx Announces Twila True Collaborations as its Newest Seller Client

MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, a nationwide alliance of best-in-class providers focused on delivering integration, cost efficiency and high service fulfillment solutions for brands and retailers through distributed logistics, announces our newest client, Twila True Collaborations.

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January 2019

Enjoy our story giving real examples of distributed logistics. Without competitive service and delivery options, consumers will look for the same or similar product elsewhere. The personalized experience brands desperately want consumers to covet evaporates into the ether.

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MonarchFx: Optimizing Supply Chains for Better Healthcare

Today, the rise in e-commerce is affecting businesses across all markets and ushering in an era of rapid service delivery. One of the industries that is extensively influenced by the surge in e-commerce is healthcare. Consequently, with the healthcare industry spending billions on e-commerce and web services annually, smart sellers of healthcare products that provide digitally oriented purchasing experiences are performing better than the ones that do not. Therefore, in order to keep up with the growing influence of e-commerce, healthcare product companies are looking for an answer to their supply chain-related challenges. Delivering a solution that resolves the security, time-sensitivity, and compliance tracking in a healthcare product business’ supply chain, MonarchFx, a North Carolina-based logistics company, is assisting organizations to reinvent typical healthcare product purchasing.“MonarchFx ecosystem integrates the offline, online, and logistics data across a single unified supply chain to assist healthcare companies to fulfill their organization-specific needs to safely and securely deliver in two days or less” says Benjamin Patipa, MD, Vice President of healthcare strategy at MonarchFx. 

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Late Orders Equal Many Unhappy Returns

Travis’ Instagram post turned Brian splenetic.

While Brian was happy that his brother was at the World Professional Football Championship watching his favorite team, Brian wasn’t happy with the gear Travis wore – the same throwback Los Angeles jersey that Brian bought Travis from Football Fanatics Emporium, the one sitting in the box at Travis’ neighbor’s house in San Francisco because it had arrived a day later than the Los Angeles retailer’s website pledged – hitting Travis’ door when Travis was waiting for his flight at the San Francisco International Airport.

Thus starts the tale of how Football Fanatics Emporium ...

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Consumer Packaged Goods Can Compete

The best way forward for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is to start building direct relationships with end consumers, evolving their current business-to-business (B2B) mindset and developing a sales model much closer to that of their DTC competitors.

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Initial Results with MonarchFx

Initial Results with MonarchFx

Learn how MonarchFx can impact your overall delivery cycle, sales performance, and customer expectations. MonarchFx leverages the power of distributed logistics, a fully integrated and optimized network of two or more fulfillment centers operated in unison to maximize sales and customer delivery service levels, while at the same time minimizing transportation costs and inventory proliferation. This provides a strategic advantage to exceed customer expectations in the order to delivery cycle and drive additional sales.

MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

It is the age of rapid delivery, and it does not stop at retail. The rise of eCommerce is affecting all industries, including the business of healthcare. Dr. Benjamin Patipa, Vice President of Healthcare strategy at MonarchFx, will briefly touch on three important healthcare industry points. First, he will explain why the healthcare product supply business as we have known it has changed forever. Second, why sellers must switch to a single unified supply chain in "The New Healthcare" given the industry’s growth and increasing consumer demand for convenience and value. Finally, Patipa will touch on MonarchFx’s value proposition, why MonarchFx Healthcare - is the smarter healthcare logistics solution.

Don’t Feed the Bears

Creating Competitive Advantage with Innovation and Disruption

This video focuses on how you can use innovation and disruption to create competitive advantage. Jim has been disrupting business since the 1970’s when we used the science of Industrial Engineering to disrupt warehousing and network modeling. This has evolved to today where we use the science of the supply chain to disrupt business. Interestingly, while we have been disrupting supply chains, the digital imperative has been disrupting business.

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MonarchFx, a Tompkins International Company, Hires an Expert in Product Development and Deployment

Raleigh, NC - MonarchFx, a Tompkins International company, is proud to announce Chris Talley as Vice President of Product Development and Deployment. Talley will join our team to assist with the development, procurement, integration, implementation, enhancement, and maintenance of a suite of integrated, best-of-breed applications designed to deliver rapid value and a competitive advantage for MonarchFx sellers.

NFI Industries buys brokerage firm in latest acquisition

The move is NFI's latest effort to grow its geographic footprint and product portfolio, following its acquisition of freight broker United Express in 2016 and its purchase in 2017 of port logistics provider California Cartage Co. and Canadian 3PL Dominion Warehousing & Distribution. And in 2018, NFI joined the MonarchFx alliance, a consortium of logistics providers organized by supply chain consulting firm Tompkins International as a bid to capture a share of the e-commerce fulfillment market.

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The Gurus Are Back! 2019 Supply Chain Predictions

Gene Tyndall, exec VP at Tompkins International and now running the company's interesting MonarchFx efulfillment network. He has offered predictions each year since I started doing this in 2008.

Let's give Gene credit for starting off by reviewing his top three predictions for 2018

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Supply Chain Planning and Network Design

The greatest weakness of supply chain planning has been the overall topic of network design.  The current state of the art network design, models a variety of networks in an attempt to define the network of facilities that allows for the satisfaction of customer service requirements at a minimal cost for transportation, inventory, investment, and operating costs.

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Tompkins Robotics’ t-Sort Receives Product of the Year Award

Tompkins Robotics’ t-Sort system has been selected by Modern Materials HandlingMaterial Handling Product News and Material Handling 24/7 as a winner of their fourth-annual Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Awards. t-Sort was the winning product in the category of conveyors and sortation. Tompkins Robotics is a business unit of Tompkins International. 

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The Key to a Distributed Logistics Solution

As retailers and brands develop their unichannel solutions, there is a continuing focus on how to improve last mile delivery costs and the customer experience.  Last mile delivery consumes a significant portion of the total delivered cost of a product.  Retailers are experimenting with lockers, consumer pick-up, and optional delivery solutions aimed at reducing these costs. The real solution to reducing the cost of the last mile is distributed logistics and the distributed inventory flow forecasting that enables supply chains to work best.  

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