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MonarchFx Core Model: “Smarter Logistics”

Distributed Logistics Solution

Enabling a Seamless Customer Journey

An alliance of best-in-class providers focused on delivering cost effective, high service fulfillment solutions for brands and retailers

MonarchFx Core Model
MonarchFx Core Model

Order Flow and IT Alignment

Order Flow and IT Alignment

MonarchFx Distributed Logistics Network

2018 Network & Coverage

MonarchFx Network and Coverage
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Tompkins Robotics t-Sort

Enables the MonarchFx Solution

  • Efficient – Robots move along most direct path for high throughput
  • Scalable – Capacity can be added as demand grows to support Peak volumes by simply increasing robots into the system
  • Flexible – Simultaneously runs unit & parcel sortation
  • Rapid Deployment – Implementation in as short as 3 months
  • Proven – Currently in operation in multiple high volume applications in China
  • Unichannel – DTC, store replenishment, drop ship and more
Tompkins Robotics t-Sort

The Only Cost Effective Unit Sortation Solution

MonarchFx Deployment Options

MonarchFx Deployment Options
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What Makes MonarchFx Unique?

MonarchFx Alliance
  • Best in class providers brought together into one unified solution
  • Single point of coordination and direction to all engagement activity
  • Simple & flexible unit based pricing
  • True multi client facility efficiency
Nationwide Network
  • Multi-client distributed fulfillment network enables Amazon like service
  • Reduced transportation cost due to proximity to end customer
  • Utilization of existing network eliminates the need for large capital outlays
What Makes MonarchFx Unique Puzzle
Intelligent Technology
  • End to End technology platform comprised of Softeon, SensorThink, Tompkins WES and UPS Delivery Manager
  • T-Sort robotics automation solution for each sortation of units and parcels
  • Technology roadmap for expanded automation and increased efficiency
Tompkins International
  • 40 years of successful supply chain and warehouse implementations
  • Dedicated systems integration team
  • Leader in inventory strategy & execution
  • Proven performance with the world’s leading brands and retailers