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MonarchFx - May 2018

Learn from the MonarchFx team throughout the summer.

Register for MonarchFx’s Online Webinar being held May 22nd at either 10 am EST or 4 pm EST to learn how retail is changing faster than ever before. Insatiable customer experience demands have forever changed the landscape. How are you responding?

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MonarchFx - April 2018

In a recent blog, Jim Herman, SVP Business Development for MonarchFx answered a couple of key questions that all executive's need to ask themselves.

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CPG Manufacturers and MonarchFx

The MonarchFx management team recently reviewed a paper by McKinsey & Company titled Should CPG manufacturers go direct to consumer – and, if so, how?. As usual, the paper is thought-provoking, as well as providing meaningful executive advice.

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MonarchFx Continues to Excite

We recently held a very successful two-day open house at the Tompkins International Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in Orlando. Over 120 interested representatives from retailers, brands, and others were provided a two-hour discussion (the “context”) by our CEO, Jim Tompkins.

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Amazonification of Commerce

Amazon is one of the most written about companies of the modern era.  There are daily reports of astounding accomplishments and news of their plans moving forward.  Why write more about the number one online retailer in the U.S.? Because they are leading the pack by a wide margin, with respect to the U.S. online retail world. 

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Tompkins International At A Glance

Throughout the years Tompkins International has created better events, smarter teams, and more partnerships, leading to over three million media impressions and hundreds of awards for thought leadership.

Tompkins delivers to you MonarchFx, The Connected Warehouse™, and Tompkins Robotics. Everything we do helps our clients be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace.

Get to know MonarchFx
MonarchFx is your smarter logistics solution comprised of best-in-class supply chain companies focused on delivering cost effective, high service level fulfillment solutions to brands and retailers.
What is The MonarchFx Alliance?
Jim Tompkins, Chairman of The MonarchFx Alliance gives more insight into what it is and how you can benefit from being a part of "The Alliance".
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NextGen Supply Chain: Data Science Comes to the Supply Chain

Although supply chain management has been slow to the game, advances in data science are now quickly changing the way supply chains are managed. With free and powerful tools like Python and R now routinely being used to solve some of the most complex business problems, as evidenced on the data science competition site, the days when you could develop deep insights and competitive advantage using spreadsheet models are long gone.

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Inside an Executive Meeting at the 2018 Supply Chain Leadership Forum

At this year’s Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum (SCLF) two executives from a retailer asked me if they could meet for 15 minutes to address a question their board had asked them. We met at 7PM at the Tuesday evening, Night at the Ballpark, event. We grabbed a corner table. After a few pleasantries the CEO opened his notebook, it was clear our meeting had started.

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Meeting Consumer Needs Through Multiple Channels

With the historic rate of brick and mortar retail operation closures, the competitive stress of eCommerce is deeply upon us.

Many have blamed the reduction in customer traffic in brick and mortar stores as a reason for the decline. Rather, is this a reflection of the store experience or a real change in the traffic behaviors of the base consumer? At the same time, businesses that offer high customer service (e.g. Starbuck’s, Chick Fil-A, and Apple) have carved out a competitive stronghold with price not being the driver.

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