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Q & A with Dr. Tompkins - Part 8

Welcome to the 8th edition of Q&A with Dr. Tompkins. Please be sure to write me any of the questions you may be having with regards to your own eCommerce supply chain operations.

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Understand the Value of Inventory Management

As businesses look to free up working capital to respond to the current market conditions, inventory planning is often a target. With inventory being the largest capital outlay for any business, making a nominal change in strategy has implications on a large sum of dollars. These freed funds can be used to expand operations, take on strategic initiatives, and position the company for a stronger tomorrow.

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Achieving Revenue Gains from Distributed Logistics

Ever since its inception, supply chain management has largely been focused on cost and expense management, seeking methods to reduce the costs of logistics, transportation, warehousing, distribution, procurement, manufacturing, and all the other business processes that make up supply chains. Further, in recent years the costs associated with inventories (including working capital), fixed capital (facilities), and supply chain technologies have been measured and targeted for reductions. Since these processes and supporting investments were established as necessary functions of the enterprise, their operations were viewed as important for cost management.

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Is Artificial Intelligence A Radical Change?

New technology being introduced into the market to automate historically manual tasks, brings back our sense of fear. Do we want people to complete menial/labor intensive tasks or do we want to create competent/reliable machines to complete these tasks? 

These feelings of uncertainty are not new. In the 19th and 20th centuries there were also these concerns. The introduction of the car, electricity, and the telephone caused a lot of uproar. 

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MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

It is the age of rapid delivery, and it does not stop at retail. The rise of eCommerce is affecting all industries, including the business of healthcare. Dr. Benjamin Patipa, Vice President of Healthcare strategy at MonarchFx, will briefly touch on three important healthcare industry points. First, he will explain why the healthcare product supply business as we have known it has changed forever. Second, why sellers must switch to a single unified supply chain in "The New Healthcare" given the industry’s growth and increasing consumer demand for convenience and value. Finally, Patipa will touch on MonarchFx’s value proposition, why MonarchFx Healthcare - is the smarter healthcare logistics solution.

Don’t Feed the Bears

Creating Competitive Advantage with Innovation and Disruption

This video focuses on how you can use innovation and disruption to create competitive advantage. Jim has been disrupting business since the 1970’s when we used the science of Industrial Engineering to disrupt warehousing and network modeling. This has evolved to today where we use the science of the supply chain to disrupt business. Interestingly, while we have been disrupting supply chains, the digital imperative has been disrupting business.

The New Grocery: Distributed Logistics

In eight minutes, we will help you understand why the grocery business as we know it today will not exist in five years and why grocery companies must switch to uni-logistics for a new retail model.

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Training for Emerging Factory Technologies

As factories and distribution centers become increasingly automated, the workers who remain will be those who are trained to best troubleshoot when problems arise—and when needed, deliver the extra human touch to enhance the end-customer’s experience.

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3D Printing & Supply Chain Disruption

David Lengacher, Head of Data Science at MonarchFx, predicts data science as a whole will have a disruptive impact on supply chains.  How will this transform the supply chain management process across the firms? How will digitalization of supply chain impact the firms and customers?  If we start looking for the answers, the wishful impacts of "connected supply chain" look bold yet believable.

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Key Inventory Management Terms

In this discussion, we review those critical activities in managing inventory.  We help you decouple the terms and recognize the magnitude of work needed to effectively manage the inventory you invest in.

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