Does Your Supply Chain Generate Good Customer Service and Good Profitability?
Thu March 15, 2018

1. We are torn between shipping our eCommerce orders fast and expensive vs. slow and cheap, how should this be addressed?

2. In 2016 we were pushing hard to hit two-day delivery for 50% of the U.S. and three-day delivery for the additional 50%. In 2017 we were pushing to hit next day delivery to 25% of the country and two-day to 75% of the U.S. How far can this go?

3. For retailers with brick and mortar, is using stores as fulfillment centers viable?

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Fast is expensive but cheap is slow, until now
Mon February 12, 2018

Whether it is a Ferrari vs. a Fiat or a Jet Engine vs. a Propeller, generally speaking, to move something quickly has a higher cost than to move it slowly. The ability to move fast at a lower cost is a challenge that has pervaded the supply chain industry for years.

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Is the Beauty Industry at Risk?
Wed January 17, 2018

The growth of the beauty industry is staggering. Beauty, whether green, prestige, or mass is on the rise, as is Amazon. It is not farfetched that beauty may be Amazon’s next big play.

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The Reports of the Death of Brick & Mortar are Greatly Exaggerated
Fri June 02, 2017
Today, June 2, 2017 I picked up a journal article that stated that the death of Brick & Mortar is upon us, which is a complete exaggeration. Mark Twain faced a similar dilemma 120 years ago, June 2, 1897, when he replied to a New York Journal article stating, “The report of my death was an exaggeration”, in which the journal confused him, with a seriously ill cousin. read more
The High Variable Cost Structure of Omnichannel Order Fulfillment
Mon May 08, 2017
One of the serious challenges with building omnichannel order fulfillment operations and information systems is the fact that there is an inherent variable cost structure that is unavoidable in this strategy and business model. The challenges with fulfillment network location and optimization, inventory allocations and assortments, variable process operations, and system features and functions, are examples of the causes of increasing costs to supply chains, logistics, and inventory management. read more
What's in a Name: The MonarchFx Alliance?
Sat April 01, 2017
The four parts of The MonarchFx Alliance’s name: Monarch: Our representation of reinvention is the Monarch. The beautiful butterfly that results from the metamorphosis from egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon, and finally to the butterfly. This is how we view post-clique logistics. From a corner in a Distribution Center (DC) to a separate Fulfillment Center (FC), to a network of DC/FCs with a specialized “Get Local,” automated multi-tenant commingled FC’s. A beautiful reinvention that provides for significant cost reduction, speed, and enhanced customer satisfaction.